Customer Loyalty

Question: Does customer service yield customer loyalty?

Answer: Not necessarily. Loyalty is generated not simply by insuring great customer service. There are three core measures in developing advocacy and loyalty for your company and its brand:

Risk – what is the risk to the customer to become a fan?
Brand – what values are associated with the brand?
Longevity – what is the potential of my long term relationship?

Satisfaction with a business’ products and services, unfortunately, is loosely connected to future buying behavior. Will you like it? Buy again? Or Recommend? To add loyalty to customer satisfaction, you have to build relationships with your customers. That means knowing them well enough to know how they will make decisions about doing business with you. Knowing where they go on vacation, what types of movies they frequent, what types of books they read, where they go out to eat forms the basis of creating a relationship that yields loyalty. If you are a landscaper, it is ok to connect with your customers by showing interest in their lives. By doing this, you show it is more than their yard that forms a lasting connection. If you can talk with your customers in the chair at your beauty salon about more than the length or color of their hair, you are creating a relationship that yields loyalty. When a customer complains about your service or your product quality, their loyalty will depend on how you address the issue at hand. As an entrepreneur, you have to have everyone on your team having one shared vision – the same understanding of what level of customer service is to be delivered and therefore what will be drive customer loyalty.


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