Creating a Company Brand

Question: How do I create a brand for my company, product or service?

Answer: Brand is a perception of how visitors feel about your company, its products, and services. When a brand is positioned in the mind of buyers, there is not a suitable substitute for your brand for them. It starts with understanding what the values are that your brand represents. Is it Quality, Reliability, Speed of Service or Economy? In creating a brand, you need to think about the following.

  • What do you want your company to be known for? What do your customers value in a brand?
  • Define the benefits that your customers derive from buying your products and/or services the features of your product or service are only important to you. It’s the benefits that they are buying.
  • Is this your brand or are you a reseller of a well-known brand like Scotts-Lawn Products?
  • What is the message you want to “stick” when potential buyers see your brand or your messages?
  • How are your competitors communicating their brands? By creating a brand and brand messaging that sticks your marketing communications will have legs and

Source: Simple Steps for Starting Your Own Business – SCORE/ BoA

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