Promoting Small Business

Question: How do I best promote my small business if promotional dollars are minimal?

Answer: There are some low cost/high impact promotions that are available to small businesses:

  • Word of Mouth (WOM) is the least expensive, yet most effective. What better way to hear about a business service or product than from a friend, relative or business associate. Get your customers talking to their friends and associates about you and your service. You might even consider rewarding them. If a new customer is generated as a result of their referral, they get a percent off their next product or service purchase. For example, think of a restaurant. A satisfied customer is asked to “secret shop” them and give feedback about the quality of food and service, environment and overall experience. Reward them, then reward them again further for additional referrals.
  • Almost everyone “shops” the internet before making a physical purchase. You need a new lawnmower. You shop what’s available and what are the competing benefits, then go to your local hardware store that carries the brand you want to buy. Having a simple website that focuses on who you are, what you do, what is your offer and the benefits derived from buying from you goes a long way to promote your products and
  • Join a Linked-in group and participate in the discussions to get your name and your knowledge and values promoted.
  •  Use Print options. A business with a local focus has local readers. Find out when your local paper is highlighting news or features about your business or even better suggest to a writer to generate an article about you and your business.


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