What is Branding

Question: What is a brand?

Answer: A brand is a perception in the mind of a buyer as to who you are, what you do, and what values you offer. A brand is how you present your business. It is your policies, your customer service, your location’s appearance and convenience, pricing, and quality, as well as the attitude of your employees. It’s about how you present your business to the world. You have standards and codes of ethics. Those are the value that your brand represents. People know you for your strengths and attributes. In creating a brand, it’s what you want your customers to think about you and then talk about you to others who may be your next best customer. Think about the brands that are part of your life and what they have done to create an image in your mind that renders them irreplaceable. Then look at your competitors and ask what they have done to create a brand that works for them.

Source: 10 Simple Steps to Finding Customers and Delivering the Goods

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