Shark Safety


On Cape Cod we are experiencing an increasingly active shark population, which is a relatively new phenomenon for our region, requiring us to learn best practices to in order to keep humans educated and safe.  Local, national and international media coverage and extensive content in many information channels, including our own website continues to advise residents and guests to avoid swimming near seals, stay close to shore, avoid swimming where there are known to be sharks, and avoid dawn/dusk and night swimming, for example.

The Cape Cod Chamber will continue to work with the Atlantic White Shark Conservancy and the Cape Cod National Seashore and others in providing facts and tips to help swimmers stay safe.

Since receiving protected status, seals have rebounded on the east coast of Massachusetts.  With an increased number of seals as prey, we have seen an increase in the number of white sharks.  Sharks are a top predator, and they are important to the balance of sea life.  Cape Cod and the South Shore of Massachusetts are feeding spots for the sharks. 

The Atlantic White Shark Conservacy has safety tips on their website.  They  have also developed an app which can alert you to shark sightings.  Learn more about AWSC’s Sharktivity App by clicking HERE

The National Park Service updates shark information on their page frequently.  Check the updates HERE.