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I Am the Walrus: Not in Your Workplace

I Am the Walrus: Not in Your Workplace Foley & Foley, PC August 31, 2022 We all love our pets. And for some people, pets could include alligators, snakes, ducks--you name it. Some people need their pets or animals for emotional support. Others need a service animal, not a pet, to help perform their job. Do you have to let animals into your workplace? First, ... Read More

CDC Loosens Up

CDC Loosens Up foleyfoleypc Aug 12 Yesterday, the Centers for Disease Control eased its guidelines for COVID precautions, which is good news for workplaces. The CDC is shifting the onus of quarantine and vaccination status to individuals. Noting that COVID is here to stay, the agency is meeting the virus where it is now. The divide between vaccinated and un... Read More

BizTips – Securing a Business Loan – preparation and planning.

Banks typically only approve less than 15% of the loans sought.  However, as a small business owner bank financing is usually the most reliable source.  What are some of the actions you can take to prepare for a loan to assure maximum potential for acceptance? Alan Haut, ND SBA District Director advises, before you begin writing your proposal, there are four things... Read More

BizTips – Word of Mouth Marketing

BizTips – Word of Mouth Marketing Customers come and go to small businesses for a variety of reasons. In order for them to reach out to you for a solution they have to be aware of you and for them to stay with you despite the competition is that you never take them for granted. Steve Strauss advises, “you can find new customers by featuring the ones you have... Read More

ADA Reminder: Summer Help Count

ADA Reminder: Summer Help Count July 6, 2022 | foleyfoleypc Can you believe it is July already? We are in the height of summer and what better time to review requests for accommodation under the Americans with Disabilities Act? As every HR person knows, the federal government (and many states) take a broad view of the definition of an employee. So that college stude... Read More

Best Massachusetts beaches: 10 top spots to visit on Cape Cod . . . this summer.

Published: Jun. 04, 2022 By Will Katcher | [email protected] Coast Guard Beach — Eastham Known as an exceptional spot for swimming and ocean activities, Coast Guard Beach has also ranked among the best beaches in the country. Stephen “Dr. Beach” Leatherman, the Florida International University who each year publishes a list of the top 10 beaches in t... Read More

Beach Expert Explains Why Cape Cod Spot Made Top 10 List

June 4, 2022 | By Brian Engles, NewsCenter EASTHAM – Coast Guard Beach has been featured on a popular top ten best U.S. beaches list and the expert who compiled the list gave insight on why he picked the spot as one of the country’s best.   Florida International University professor Dr. Stephen Leatherman, aka Dr. Beach, spoke with the CapeCo... Read More

BizTips – To Get Good Hires, Ask Great Questions

 Now, is the time of year when all small businesses are in the hiring mode.  A business consultant once said that the task is not just getting people on the bus, but getting them in the right seats on the bus.  Finding people is double-tough today but finding the right people is a tougher job especially today with so few candidates available in the labor pool. ... Read More

Substance Abuse and Your Workplace

foleyfoleypc May 31 [caption id="attachment_3453" align="alignnone" width="300"] Several Prescription Drugs Spilled From Fallen Bottle Near Glass of Alcohol.[/caption] In case you missed it, May was Mental Health Awareness month. With respect to the organizers of the spotlight on mental health, every day is mental health day for so many. The mental health struggle is rea... Read More