2016-07-30 Russo Evergreen Burying Ground 2006
Cove Burying Ground is the oldest cemetery in Eastham.  There are three Mayflower passengers interred here, Lt. Joseph Rogers (1608-1678), Constance Hopkins (1605-1677), and Giles Hopkins   (1607-1690). The cemetery has been placed on the National Register of Historic Places since 1999.

List of Graves at Cove Burial Grounds


2016-07-30 Russo Bridge Road Cemetery 1992Bridge Road Cemetery is located on the west side of Bridge Road, south of the intersection with Samoset Road. The cemetery was established in 1720, and marks the location of the town’s second meeting house.

List of Graves at  Bridge Road Cemetery



2016-07-30 Russo Evergreen Cemetery 1981Other Cemeteries of Note:
Evergreen, and
Congregational & Soldiers



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