BizTips from SCORE – How good is your website?

You website whether you are a traditional or digital business, is the front door to your business.  It must have appeal, stickiness, and the ability for viewers to take the action you have designed your website to undertake. Use this Checklist to see how effective is your website.

  • What are the main goals? Target audience? Information to be delivered? What problem is addressed?  Are these addressed in 8 seconds?
  • Does the site clearly communicate the want, need or desire to be fulfilled for the potential customer?
  • Is the site easy to navigate?
  • Are the colors easy to view and the fonts legible? Is there adequate color contrast?
  • Does your site:
    • (1) Connect with your audience via your home page,
    • (2) define your business / nonprofit,
    • (3) describe your services or offerings, (
    • 4) offer testimonials,
    • (5) have a Contact Us page
  • Do you have a clear “Call To Action” on the home page and repeated in every section?
  • Does the site read left to right?
  • Are the benefits of your offering clearly stated upfront (50% of visitors won’t scroll past 3 sections?
  • Is the contact page easy to access from every page of the site?
  • Is the site easily read on mobile devices?
  • Check the grammar, spelling, and consistent font sizes
  • Is the site accurate, based on facts with sources identified?
  • Is the information presented objectively with no bias?
  • Are all the links live?
  • Does the site achieve authority with the reader’s understanding of the qualifications of the author?

Contributed by Marc L. Goldberg, Certified Mentor, SCORE Cape Cod & the Islands,, 508/775-4884.  Let us help you and your membership achieve their goals via Mentoring and webinar participation.