Please Share! Announcing Town of Eastham Business Meet-and-Greets, Eastham Business Survey

Hello, friends and colleagues,

I hope this email finds you all well. For those who may not know me, my name is Lauren Barker and I am the newly appointed Economic Development Planner for the Town of Eastham. In the coming months, our Town Planning and Economic Development team will be undertaking a series of outreach activities as part of a focused effort to engage and get feedback from the local business community in and around Eastham.  I am contacting each of you to ask for your help in spreading the word about two upcoming opportunities: 1) A Business Survey that is part of a larger Market Study we are conducting, and 2) Virtual Business Meet-and-Greet sessions that will be hosted by the Town later this month. Please see below for details and thank you in advance for sharing with your Outer Cape networks. For those of you on this message who own or operate a business, a nonprofit, or a commercial property in Eastham, we hope you will also complete the survey yourself, consider attending an upcoming Meet-and-Greet session, and forward/share this email with others who you think should respond or participate!

In addition to sharing the below opportunities, we would like to ask for your participation in the ongoing Market Study being conducted by Community Opportunities Group on behalf of the Town of Eastham. Roberta Cameron and/or Lisa Davis of Community Opportunities Group (copied here) may reach out to you in the coming week or so to set up an interview or focus group session. We have intentionally included each of you on this email in the hopes that you might share your unique perspective on market needs and demands for a variety of business types and sectors, both on the Outer Cape and Cape-wide. We would be extremely grateful if you would take the time to participate and lend your much-needed insights and observations. Please let me know if you have any questions, and thank you again for your help!

Upcoming Opportunities to Share
1. Business Survey – As part of an ongoing Market Study being conducted for the Town by Community Opportunities Group, Eastham businesses are being asked to complete a 15-question Business Survey by February 28. Respondents may opt to remain anonymous, or can identify their business(es) if desired. Responses will help the Town of Eastham to identify market trends, opportunities, and needs to guide economic development efforts in Eastham.

2. Virtual Business Meet-and-Greet Sessions – Eastham businesses and commercial property owners are invited to join Town of Eastham Planning & Development staff for one of three upcoming “Business Meet-and-Greet” sessions, all taking place remotely via Zoom during the month of February. Learn about the Town’s latest planning and economic development activities, get your questions answered by Town staff, and share your feedback and experiences on doing business in Eastham. Choose from one of three session times: Feb 11, 8AM – 9AM; Feb 16, 12Noon – 1PM; and Feb 25, 4PM – 5PM. Email [email protected] to sign up and receive the link to attend. Flyer attached.

Lauren Barker, MS, MPA 
Economic Development Planner 
Town of Eastham 
2500 State Highway, Eastham, MA 02642 
508.240.5900, ext. 3245