Ensuring for a Happy Staff

Question: My staff is the key to the success of my business. How can I make sure they don’t leave for a competitor or a better opportunity?

Answer: A survey conducted by a 3rd party for Robert Half International (staffing company) found the following. Good performers leave their employment for the following reasons: (1) Limited opportunity for advancement. (2) Unhappy with management (you). (3) Lack of recognition. (4) Inadequate salary/benefits. (5) Bored with the job. (6) Lifestyle changes such as moving. This means that you must consider the following in managing your staff:

Help your staff set objectives for themselves in their jobs that are tough, yet achievable and reasonable. Review their objectives with them on a periodic basis.

Communicate with your team regularly – as a group and one-on-one. Have a lunch with the boss once a month. And, listen don’t just talk.

Understand how your employees perceive you and your business. Constantly feed back to them what you are doing to improve and grow the business.

Try to avoid burnout of your most productive employees by bringing in temps to reduce the workload.

Mix fun with work. Mix up the work by cross-training personnel so that they switch jobs for a day a month. See how the other part lives and works.

Tom Peters several decades ago talked about managing by walking around. If there is anything to be learned from the “undercover boss” series is get out from behind the desk and know what is going on in your business with your team by being among them day-to-day.

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