Reduce Shoplifting

Question: What can I do to reduce the impact of shoplifting at my retail store?

Answer: Here are some simple tips that come from a respected owner of a Hallmark Crown Store:

  • Have a welcome mat out – the one element that most shoplifters want is to be anonymous. Have a person at the front door welcome and make eye contact with every customer entering your establishment. If you cannot have one person doing this, have whoever is at the register welcome newcomers to your store. If you want to see this in action, visit a Wal-Mart. Their greeter in the blue vest that is emblazoned with “How can I help you?” is there to make eye contact and reduce the potential for shoplifting as well as putting a basket in your
  • Keep your shelves neat – to easily see if items are missing or
  • Add lighting to dark or limited light areas so all areas of your store are
  • Have a secret code – create a signal that is only known by you and your employees to signal a potential shoplifting situation.
  • Have a clear line of sight – reduce access to areas without clear lines of sight. Secluded areas promote shoplifting. Have clear lines of sight from the register to all areas of your
  • Stay alerted – shoplifting is one of the biggest profit drains on retailers’ bottom line. Stay alert to all activity in your store without being

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