How Does Integrated Marketing Apply to Digital Marketing?

As you may know, integrated marketing means that marketing methods should be in sync. They should also lead to each other in some way. This is no different when it’s done digitally. Online marketing efforts should be just as in-line as that which is done offline. In fact, smart companies will integrate digital effort with those that occur offline.

In the same ways one would use exact logos and slogans offline, it applies digitally as well. The website, digital display ads, and emails should all use these. While methods will vary for each specific type of marketing, advertisements should focus on the same message. Calls-to-action should involve varying methods and sources, both digital and print.

For instance, if there’s a magazine spread, the same spread design could be used in a digital display ad format. The idea is to create the same experience and feelings for the potential audience no matter where they come in contact with a company. Consistency is key to ensuring people have the same or similar idea of what a given company stands for. This is where a professional can come in handy. Not every business or individual can handle all aspects.

A customer should be able to access digital information about a company in print marketing campaigns, like newspaper ads and fliers. They should also be able to learn about any print content (such as a magazine subscription) in that company’s digital campaigns. Bringing them together keeps customers and clients with varied preferences connected to a particular company. Integration and familiarity give them many ways to keep up and lets them know that company’s a trusted source across the board.

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