Marketing Website Promotion

Question: How do I promote my new website?

Answer: Just because you build it, doesn’t mean potential buyers will visit your site. Advertise your website on your stationary, email correspondence, on your business card. In fact, have a special business card that just has your name and website address, so buyers you give it to will take the one action you want – visit your site.

If you have a retail location, promote it on your windows, on placards, in your yellow page ads, and on posters. You will want to link to other websites and have them link to you, so if potential buyers visit a complementary website, they will see your address and visit you with a click of their mouse. Direct mail, word of mouth and email marketing are other ways of promoting your site. If you are adventurous, you might even consider “pay-per-click” offerings that will increase awareness and drive potential buyers. Don’t expect overnight success. It takes time and takes work, but in the end, it is a great tool to increase brand awareness.

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