Small Business Marketing Plans

Question: I am just planning to start a small business, do I need a marketing plan?

Answer: Absolutely. Getting your name out into the community so they know who you are, where you are located, how to contact you and what you offer is difficult and expensive. Without a plan, you’ll be spending lots of scarce capital and flailing at the proverbial wind rather than being focused on your approach to potential customers. Think about creating a simple plan with the following ingredients:

  • Who is my target customer? Who will potentially buy my products or services? If you are a stone mason specializing in stone walls and patios, then your target audience is most likely high- end homeowners.
  • Can you define your products and services? Define in regards to the benefits that they offer your target audience? Your differentiator(s). Making your home and garden more livable or creating an atmosphere of old Italy in your
  • How do your customers receive their information? What are their channels of choice? Newspapers, newsletters, email, websites, blogs, TV, radio, mailed brochures. If you don’t know, test the market to find out before you invest in any marketing
  • How much can you afford to invest in marketing your business? Define the budget and then determine what channels into the budget. Remember to use the KISS approach to planning to Keep it Short and

Source: Simple Steps for Starting Your Own Business – SCORE/BoA


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