Website Design

Question: If I need a website, where do I go to get one designed and constructed?

Answer: You have several choices:

  • you can build it yourself using WordPress, Adobe Dreamweaver, CoffeeCup or WebPlus. There are some do-it-yourself tools available to you. This requires some technical knowledge and design experience
  • you can hire a web designer. This option is recommended if your primary selling will be over the internet.
  • You can do a combination. When we redesigned our decade old website, we hired a web designer to oversee the design, and we used WordPress to generate all the content. Frequently we go back to the designer to help with changes and upgrades that are beyond our control.

However we insert our monthly blog, change our home page offerings, and add new products and services to those pages without their assistance. During the development of your site, you will have to investigate the keywords that potential visitors use to find you. Those words will be used on every page, in every description and be key to them finding you on the internet. Then, you will want to have a web designer to conduct Search Engine Optimization (SEO) to assure that the keywords you are using are directing visitors to your site and getting your site listed high on the first page of each of the keyword pages. Six months of SEO will give you insight into how well your newly designed page is working. Keep it up-to-date and refresh it regularly to get maximum exposure.


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