Website Marketing

Question: Why should I have a website? My business is local and service oriented.

Answer: The answer is simple. The first place consumers look today for service providers is the web, not the yellow pages. It might be Google or Angie’s List or town service providers. It differentiates you, and if created properly, clearly states who you are, what you do and what your offer is to satisfy buyer needs. But, realize that having a website is not a one-time event. You cannot create it and forget it. To be an effective marketing tool, it takes work and constant work to keep it current.

A website can increase your overall exposure and reach beyond your local word of mouth market boundaries. It allows you to play in the field with larger competitors and can even provide interaction with prospects and current customers by replying to information requests, downloading free offerings, holding contests or even polling site visitors. But, a website is not a substitute for a marketing plan with strategies and tactics that support your overall mission. It is another viable tool to help you achieve your marketing plan.

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