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Get Storm-Ready for the Year’s Nor’Easters

19 October 2018 - EASTHAM, MA - What did we learn last year from the spate of strong storms? Barnstable County Director of Health and Environment Sean O'Brien share a few notes. https://vimeo.com/296122198... Read More

Eastham Library Becomes Warming Shelter from the Storm

05 March 2018 - EASTHAM, MA - As the early March Nor'easter kicked swaths of the Lower Cape off power, the Eastham library rose to the occasion as a power and warming station, with a big dollop of community spirit. https://vimeo.com/258874053... Read More

Winter Storm Whips Lower Cape with Wind, TIde, Floods

04 January 2018 - The first winter storm of 2018 tore up the east coast, with blizzard conditions, high winds, flooding, and power outages. (more…)... Read More