The One Word Best Advice for Employers

The One Word Best Advice for Employers
Apr 28, 2022

It is not always easy. It requires slowing down and taking time:

LISTEN. Most of us have read or heard about the man awarded $450,000 for an unwanted surprise birthday party. Sure it makes good copy (old school for clickbait) but the takeaway was lost in the reporting. Where did the employer go wrong? They did not LISTEN.

LISTEN. It is what we all should do but often fail (hand up here!). Managers should be trained to listen. There are loads of articles and podcasts on how to listen, what listening is, etc. A case like the birthday party gone wrong is just one of many we see each week where taking an employee’s concerns seriously would have made all the difference. And saved litigation costs and the $450,000 award and the bad PR.

LISTEN. Some people just love to complain. Employers cannot make every workplace dream or desire come true. But by listening, noting and giving time to the employee, great strides can be made at little cost–just some time.