Hints, tips and techniques for owning, managing and growing your small business


Section One: Planning

I’m Doing God’s Work But He forgot to Leave Me the Business Plan
Business Planning
Focusing on Your Business Vision
Exit Strategies
Mistakes in Business Planning
Future Business Plan
Business Strategy
Hot Business Trends
Required Research Before a Business Launch
Small Business Resources Online
The Home-Based Business Startup


SBA Funding


Exhibitor Marketing
Marketing and Pricing
Brand Management
Do I Need a Marketing Plan
Small Business Marketing Doesn’t Cost, it Pays
Increasing E-blasts Open RatesMake Small Business Saturday a Year-Round Event
Social Media
Small Business Marketing Plans
Marketing – Updating Your Website
Content Marketing
Managing Yourself
Branded Signage
Social Media 2
What You Need to Know About Website Design
Building an Awesome Brand
How Does Integrated Marketing Apply to Digital Marketing?
Vertical Integration with Digital Tools
Startup Marketing Checklist

Marketing 2
E-mail Marketing for Small Business
Marketing Strategy for Growth
Marketing Strategy
Marketing the Small Business

Marketing Customer Service
Naming Your Business
Sales and Marketing
Memorable Message
Integrated Marketing
Marketing a Home-Based Business
Marketing Basics for New Businesses
Marketing to the Target Audience
Marketing Website Promotion
Marketing Your Brand
Website Design
Website Marketing
Creating a Company Brand
Focus on the Target Market
Promoting Small Business
What is Branding
Don’t Let Price Derail Your Sale
Marketing Plan Budget

SECTION FOUR: Operations

The Real Reasons Why Businesses Fail
Tips for Bettering Your BusinessManaging Your Business
Best Practices in Garnering Attention for a New Storefront
Trade ShowsTime Management
Advisory Boards
Couples as Business Partners
Ensuing for a Happy Staff
Evaluating the Competition
Family BusinessHome-Based Business or Rented/Owned Space Business
How to Welcome Interim Staff
Online vs. Brick and Mortar Business
Reduce Shoplifting
Retail Startup
Startup Mistakes

SECTION FIVE: Management Skills

Why Find a Mentor?
Customer Loyalty
Customer Service
What to Consider When Interviewing
Managing the Business
Managing Yourself 2
Managing Your Business 2
Work-Life Balance
Small Business Owner’s New Year’s Resolutions
Managing the Ongoing Business
From Owner to Leader

SECTION SIX: Financial Management

Business Startup Lean Startup
Manage the Numbers
Financial Management Cash Management
Management of Financial Woes
Finding Money Losses
Cash Management During Startup
Loan Options to Fund Small Business Growth
Managing the Ongoing Business 2
Women Owned Business
Buying, Starting a Business or Franchise
Startup  Capital
Why a Financial Plan is Important


Business Development
Growing Your Small Business
Franchising 101
Growth for the Ongoing Business
Growing Your Business – Mystery Shopping
Startup Advice
Startup 2
Learning from Failure
Growing Your Business
Expanding Your Business
Learning from the Pros
Changing the Culture
Networking 2
Growing Your Business with a Sales Force

SECTION EIGHT: Not for Profit