The Home-Based Business Startup

Question: I want to start a home-based business. Are there some first steps I need to consider?

Answer: Starting a business in your home sounds like a good idea. After all, it saves money since there is no rent or costs associated with an office or storefront. You save time and money without a commute. Here are some things to think about in starting a home-based business.

  • Determine if your business will function in a home-based environment.
  • Find out from your local town if you need a license to operate your business from your
  • Outsourcing your address might be appropriate for deliveries or meetings. Using a PO Box will work.
  • Once you have decided to have your business in your home, make sure you have enough room to conduct your
  • You need to look like the BIG guys – a dedicated phone line with appropriate messages, answer the phone professionally with the name of your business, and create professional business cards, digital stationery, and a

Source: 10 Simple Steps to Finding Customers and Delivering the Goods

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