Top Interview Questions to Ask a Prospective Employee

Some of the most common and useful questions interviewers have been regularly using include: 

 What attracted you most to this position? This will help you to see what motivates the applicant and what they are most interested in gaining from your vacancy. 

 Why are you leaving your current employer? You will find out what prompted the applicant to start their job search, helping you to understand their goals, their values and what they want from an employer. 

 What are the three main skills or attributes do you think you could bring to the company? Here you will find out what the candidate believes their skills are, what skills they consider to be the most important and how they view your company and vacancy. 

 What kind of work environment do you thrive in? The answer to this question will help you to see if your working environment is most suitable for the candidate, you may find that they don’t fit into the culture of your company. 

 What would you consider to be your greatest work achievement? This allows you to understand the applicant’s values, to understand where their priorities lie and also discover what they consider to be an achievement. 

 Think about a time when you have had to overcome a major obstacle in your life, how did you approach the situation? This will help you to see their problem-solving skills, how they deal with stressful or complicated problems. You may also see how adaptable and resilient they are, and how determined they are to achieve their goals. 

 How would your current co-workers describe you and your effectiveness in your role? From the answer to this question you will see how the applicant assesses their own effectiveness to work with others. 

 Describe your ideal manager. This will allow you to see how much direction the applicant wants and how self-directed they are, while also allowing you to understand what they expect of you as their employer. 

 How do you actively develop your knowledge and skills? It is important to hire someone who believes in developing themselves, here you will find out if the applicant depends on their employers to provide these opportunities, or if they actively seek development opportunities themselves. 

The most important thing you can do is prepare before the interview, making sure you have a list of all the questions you want to ask and a good idea as to how you will respond to any questions that they might ask you. If you conduct your interviews effectively you will find it is much easier to choose the best candidate for the role.

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