What Do Women Want?

What Do Women Want?
by foleyfoleypc

Now that I have your attention, this is not a piece devoted to holiday shopping ideas*: it is a workplace law blog after all.

We have all read–and perhaps seen–women leave the workplace during the pandemic (1 in 5!). Good news: many women have returned to the workforce or are planning to return. A recent study of women STEM workers gives a good idea of what women want to see at their workplace now:

  • Increased paid leave and flexibility–78%
  • Career progression opportunities–73%
  • Economic incentives and tailored benefits–71%
  • Upskilling programs–67%
  • Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) programs–63%

Since many women left the workforce because of childcare responsibilities, it makes sense that they would want to see more support there. With time away from work, it seems women in this study have considered career progression and training as areas that could be improved–particularly for remote workers.

Mentoring comes to mind as a low-cost solution. We also have fixed fee services for tuition reimbursement and training policies that can help.

*As for holiday gifts, do NOT buy a household appliance, large or small, as a present. Oh, and whatever you do buy, hang on to the receipt. Women know exactly what they want.