What is your electric supplier charging per kw/hr?


Have you opened your electricity bill? Did you notice a significant increase? Energy Prices are skyrocketing out of sight.

As most of you know, the Eastham Chamber of Commerce recently partnered with Viridian Energy, a socially responsible energy company. Viridian is now offering 3DOM, an entirely new approach to energy rates and usage. Its part energy rate protection for when energy prices rise, due to industry market conditions, and part consumer education for smarter energy use.

The 3DOM fixed plan offers instant price certainty with 36 months of affordable responsible energy at a fixed rate for price certainty with a back end rebate offer. February’s fixed rate was 11.99 cents per kilowatt. Enrollment is free and takes just a few minutes. It’s important to note that your local utility will continue to deliver your energy service and maintain your power lines, and provide you with one simple bill every month just as they do now. Plus, when you choose Viridian Energy, the Eastham Chamber earns money every month. Together we can really make a difference.

Click this link and start saving now! Viridian.com/Eastham